Our Story

Once upon a time a few ladies and a lad with more than a few littles between their litters started dreaming about the perfect learning center for their kids. Eventually they got loony enough to lean into the laudable idea and launched Lemur Lion Lamb, an English based, mixed-age group, development daycare.

Our Team

At Lemur, Lion, Lamb, your child will receive care from informed, trained, and knowledgeable staff members. Our center only employs applicants with college degrees, so your child will receive care from educated personnel. Also, we prioritize your child’s safety, so all representatives undergo thorough background checks and interviews to be hired, and then must receive CPR training before working. Once there, each worker will operate under the American Association of Pediatrics recommendation of at least a 1:6 ratio (one adult for every six kids) to guarantee supervision at all times. Finally, our staff boasts native speakers of both English and Thai, so your child will learn to perform at exceptional levels in both languages. You can rest easy as your child learns and safely grows at our center.

Lemur Lion Lamb focuses on helping develop a child’s mind, body, and character

Mind (Lemur)

We taking education seriously so we insist your child does not. Children learn best through play, our creative curriculum taps into this natural drive to discover. Also, we provide periodic progress reports to show how your child’s cognitive skills compare to his/her peers. With this information, you can then tailor our services to your child’s needs.

Body (Lion)

With healthy, home-cooked meals that avoid sugars and processed ingredients, your child will receive the fuel necessary for strength and health. Kids will enjoy the benefits of play while learning the value of nutritious foods. Also, we incorporate a whole-body teaching model, so your child will learn by utilizing all the senses (especially movement) to learn more quickly and to retain new information.

Character (Lamb)

To encourage your child to develop his/her character, our staff will model it. All teachers have background checks and exemplify excellent behavior in both social responsibility and peaceful problem-solving skills. Children will learn to pick up after themselves, respect elders and peers, and use their words to express themselves.


As we staff native English speakers and a bilingual Thai staff, representatives at Lemur Lion Lamb can communicate comfortably with parents in either language creating a language education plan specifically for your child. Thai parents wanting their child to learn English or Foreign parents wanting their kids to learn Thai, either way or anything in between, we’ve got you covered. Your child will have teachers and friends to talk to in their first language, while also being in an environment where they can expand their use of their second. 


We utilize programs and structure, but your child is unique: rather than asking your child to adapt to a strict culture, we individualize our plans for each student. With language as an example and parents guiding our efforts, your child can interact with our teachers in whatever language you prefer: exclusively in English, exclusively in Thai, or a mixture of both. At our center, parents can trust their children are both safe and learning.


As we are dedicated to helping children, Lemur Lion Lamb donates a portion of its profits to Chiang Mai children who need families. Orphans and vulnerable children across the city need medical care, food, shelter and clothing, so we freely contribute to their futures out of our earnings. In other words, the care we provide for your child safeguards not only your family, but also the wellbeing of Chiang Mai’s children in need.

Registration and Fees

We’d love for you to stop by to visit. Call for a time and come on by to see our facilities and witness how your child will learn in our safe, nurturing environment. You will also get to meet our staff and talk through an individualized care plan for your child.


฿7,000 Registration Fee
  • ฿  9,000Per Month
  • Lunch and Snacks Included


฿7,000 Registration Fee
  • ฿  11,000Per Month
  • Lunch and Snacks Included


฿7,000 Registration Fee
  • ฿13,000Per Month
  • Lunch and Snacks Included


  • ฿  15,000Per Month
  • Lunch and Snacks Included

Half days pay 75% (so 3 half days a week would be 8,250 Baht)

phone: 0857120607

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